What the F@#k to Eat – Paperback

Doctor's Choice
Doctor's Choice

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Supercharge your Metabolism to Lose Weight and Build Lean Muscle at Every Age

by Dr. Pauline Haugen, D.C. & Dr. Deanna Mutzel, D.C.



The purpose of this book is to give you the tools which will help you figure out the plan that works best for you – for both nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. Although there is no one answer for all, there are tips that I can share with you that will help you jumpstart, optimize, and sustain your own fat-burning metabolism.

About the Authors

Pauline Haugen, DC – Chiropractor, Basi Pilates Instructor  As a chiropractor, Dr. Haugen’s medical background makes her uniquely focused on concrete physiological needs and results. She quickly realized that even a healthy diet doesn’t typically cover all the bases in an individual’s complex set of challenges. Initially researching nutritional supplementation for herself, Pauline realized that this unique product mix and real-food style was not readily available on the market. ProFunction was created to meet that need; a user friendly, back-to-basics, unintimidating line of nutritional supplements for real, every day people who want to improve their performance and overall wellness.

Dr. Deanna Mutzel, DC – Chiropractor, Specializing in Functional Nutrition  Dr. Deanna uses a whole foods approach when educating patients about their health and their nutrition. She specializes in weight loss, pregnancy, and athletic performance.

Deanna and Pauline practice in Washington State. Pauline’s chiropractic / pilates studio can be found at HigherHealthSpineAndSport.com. Deanna’s whole food snack brand can be found at RealFoodLab.net. 


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