5 Best Vitamins to Take While Traveling

Traveling for the Holidays? Pack This. 

The stress of travel can have a big impact on your body, especially when it is combined with a change of weather temperatures and an influx of germs in busy public spaces like airports. Prep ahead with these vital 5 vitamins to take every day to prevent illness. 

Vitamin B

Vitamin B are essential to prevent depression, reduce stress, maintain blood sugar levels, restore cognitive function, and prevent cardiovascular disease. Get your daily dose with StressLess, a blend of B Vitamins with Benfotiamine, which helps to convert fats and carbohydrates into glucose, a form of fuel for the body. Feel great and be healthy and happy all winter long with this important vitamin. 


Vitamin D

Give you immune system a boost with Vitamin D. Even if you are planning on getting sun during your winter break, the amount of Vitamin D you can absorb without getting a sun burn (especially with fair wintery skin!) can be minimal. Try it in liquid form for a clean, fast absorption formula that will keep you all smiles. 



Traveling can take a toll on the tummy, especially if you are enjoying new foods or even changing time zones. Take a daily probiotic to keep your body healthy and happy. Nothing can derail a vacay like an unhappy belly. 


A Good Multi Vitamin

A good multi-vitamin that you can trust is essential to take daily to get everything you need. Try Uphold for a general multi-vitamin to get a super-boost of vitamins to optimize your body’s needs, or UpHold Femme for the ladies to get a dose of clean, pure fish oil in an all-in-one vitamin. 


Healthy Fuel on the Go

 Get high-quality protein and nutrients without sugar or stevia on the go. Simply mix chocolate or vanilla TradeUp with water, and voila! You have a healthy mix that is wayy better than those greasy chips. TradeUp includes a vegan protein blend (all natural pea & rice protein), activated B vitamins and fiber to support antioxidant systems in the body. 


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